January – May 2016 from Cricket Magazine:

Read the five-part illustrated serial of my middle-grade adventure story, “The Forty Thieves.” Based on the Arabian Nights tale, it is the story of courageous young Morgiana, who takes on the infamous Forty Thieves in medieval Baghdad.



Forty Thieves and a Green-Eyed Girl, my middle-grade novel manuscript, won the 2015 Eldin Fellowship! (June 2015)

Judge Louise Hawes says, “Christy Lenzi’s manuscript features, not only an original story, but a compelling voice, vibrant sensory description, and pacing that engages and entices. Forty Thieves and a Green-Eyed Girl is just the sort of novel careers are built on!”

Hunger Mountain VCFA Journal for the Arts, LOVE issue (June 2015):

In this month’s LOVE issue, you can read an excerpt of “Pieces of Sky,” my YA re-imagining of Romeo and Juliet, set in medieval Iceland, during the nation’s struggle between Pagan and Christian forces.